November 14, 2020 — Twentieth Planting (7 trees planted)

L to R: Alex Hill (4th grade), Emily Kissee, Ireland Kissee (3rd grade), Bobby Kissee, Briggs Kissee (age 2), Trip Kissee (1st grade), George McDowell, Ben Hill (4th grade), Susan Hill, Katie Clair (1st grade), W. Benson Kirkman, Carson Nixon, and Lois Nixon.

Tree Number Tree Species Date Planted By Whom Planted
123A - 123G Longleaf pines (grassy stage)
Pinus palustris
November 14, 2020 ScenicNC

Scenic North Carolina and friends participated in this tree planting in an effort to revive the heritage of the Longleaf pine tree and enhance the scenic beauty of Cary, North Carolina.