October 26, 2020 — Sixteenth Planting (11 trees planted)

Left to right:

Tree Number Tree Species Date Planted By Whom Planted
106A – 106E Longleaf pine
Pinus palustris
October 26, 2020 Cub Scout Pack #120
106F & 106G Bald cypress
Taxodium distichum
It is possible that these two seedlings are direct descendants of the oldest living Bald cypress tree, located on the Black River in western North Carolina. At some future time, genetic tests should be performed.
106H Southern Live Oak
Quercus virginiana
This tree was grown from an acorn from the Angel Oak, the magnificent tree located on Johns Island in South Carolina.
106J American Elm
Ulmus americana
This tree was grown from a seed from the
Oklahoma City Bombing Survivor Tree

106K Tulip Poplar
Liriodendron tulipifera
This tree was grown from seed, harvested by Tom Bythell [head groundskeeper at UNC Chapel Hill], from the Davie Poplar.
106L Dawn Redwood
Metasequoia glyptostroboides